Chiropractic Treatment

Now that you have accomplished your initial examination, it's time to start applying the treatment plan to resolve your pain.

The next step will focus on reducing your pain and restoring early mobility. One of our chiropractors will be in charge in helping you accomplish this goal. He or she will advise you on treatments intended to address your health condition, and will help you to manage or avoid it in the future. This may involve treating issues related to your muscles, bones and joints, often in the spine. Chiropractors are highly trained for many years to deliver manual treatments - including specific spinal manipulation - so that you can receive a good care with a peace of mind.

Manual chiropractic treatments are so diverse, and include many techniques for soft tissue therapy and more than 30 different skills of diversified/Toggle-Recoil techniques for spinal/joints manipulation and mobilization. Acupuncture, Shockwave therapy ®, computerized gait analysis for the creation of custom-made orthotics, Graston Technique™, electrical modalities and much more are all exciting treatments that our chiropractors can provide you. Occasionally, if you have questions about diet, exercise and lifestyle, your chiropractor may guide you in finding the answers you need.

Clarifying myths related to Spinal Manipulation Techniques

Only chiropractors and osteopaths can perform spinal manipulation in Canada. The treatment technique often accompanies lots of misleading myths. Spinal manipulations are performed in a way that the chiropractor uses their hands to apply a specific force through a dysfunctional and restricted joint (amount of force, speed and direction of the thrust are all very specific and unique to the patient's case) to improve mobility, decrease irritation and promote release of endorphin.

The audible sound released in the micro-seconds following a spinal or joint adjustment is nothing but the painless bursting of gas from within a compressed inflamed joint capsule, similar to the physics of opening a compressed champagne bottle. It is the change of pressure inside the joint which enables the latter to relax its surrounding capsule, to allow restoration of the lost ranges of motion, and therefore, to eliminate your pain.

No spinal manipulation is intended to cause fracture, severe injury or dislocation. All of our hand-picked chiropractors are selected carefully for their skills, talent, communication skills, level of education, and reputation. Our chiropractors are also experts at classifying whether you are a candidate for spinal manipulation or not. All of our chiropractors perform a neurological and circulatory compromise screen to ensure that the patient's spine or joint can withstand a manipulation procedure before initiating the protocol.

When the patient's pain is decreased, attention is now shifted toward physiotherapy care.

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