MAINMENU PHASE2Notice:  If you are unsure whether to start your care with physiotherapy, chiropractic or chiropody, please send us an E-mail or give us a call. Our staff members are well-trained to inform you which care is most appropriate for you!

Before meeting your supervising practitioner:

The protocol of greeting new patients to our clinic is similar to your first visit to your family doctor. Our assistant will ask you to complete an initial health questionnaire. The initial form will help the practitioner to better diagnose you by marking areas you experience pain on a drawing of the human body and answer questions about your medical history. You will be assigned an examination room and a gown will be provided to you.

What can I expect during an initial examination?

The practitioner will greet you and start by conducting a medical interview to investigate the cause of your injury. Subsequently, he or she will follow it with a physical exam. Particular attention is given to the areas of complaint. However, your practitioner can also screen for other secondary abnormalities caused by the original complaint. For example, your chiropractor or physiotherapist may conduct routine physical exams, which include 8 parts: (1) Vitals, (2) Observation, (3) Gait Analysis, if applicable, (4) Ranges of Motion, (5) Palpation, (6) Orthopedic tests, per area of complaint, (7) Neurological Tests, and (8) Advanced Neurological Tests, if applicable.

Do I start treatments immediately?

We do not begin treatment until a clear diagnosis is made. If a diagnosis is concluded on your first visit, treatments may begin immediately on the same visit. If the diagnosis is not conclusive, we will follow up with your family doctor to request any additional reports done in the past to understand your case better. Most often, a chiropractor will take X-rays prior to treatment to rule out many differential diagnoses especially if the case is complex. All X-rays are performed independently at any CMA laboratory branch in Ottawa. X-Rays fees are covered by OHIP.

Chiropractic or physiotherapy: which one first?

It all depends on the referral, chief complaints and stage of the complaint!

All new patients are encouraged to begin their care with a chiropractor if they have sustained a very recent injury. Chiropractors Ottawa has an extensive 8 years of theory, internship and residency. They are able to diagnose and order X-Rays to rule out fractures or serious injuries. Furthermore, all practitioners at Kent Chiro-Med Wellness Clinic share one common goal: to reduce your pain first. When your pain subsides, you will be co-managed with our physiotherapist for strengthening and rehabilitation. Remember: both cares are ENCOURAGED in most of the cases. So take advantage of both. Furthermore, if you have only foot issues and you are looking for a chiropodist in Ottawa, by all means, we encourage you to book an appointment with our chiropodist.

Report Findings and Education 

Once a diagnosis is made, your practitioner will sit down with you and help you understand your condition. We take patient education very seriously. Your practitioner will then provide you with the treatment plan that enables you to get better. This is also an opportunity to ask questions.bookonline PHASE2