How is Physiotherapy Covered in Ottawa?

In Ottawa, physiotherapy treatment insurance coverage depends on the provinces. For example, in Ontario, physiotherapy care can be claimed under personal or group health insurance, in a package that is separate or combined with other care such as chiropractic care. It is better to inquire about that with your insurance company before financing your physiotherapy treatments.

The government investment in physiotherapy provides 90,000 more seniors and qualified patients access to publicly financed clinic-based services in more communities throughout the province. The publicly funded clinics are divided into areas of the province represented by Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs).

If you are financially restricted and still need physiotherapy treatment, we can help you by following up with your family doctor to find out the eligibility for a referral to one of the OHIP-funded clinics to resume physiotherapy care. Due to the high demand for OHIP-funded care, keep in mind that your name will be on a waiting list. If you need any kind of advice from our health professionals, feel free to contact us today.