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8 Best Yoga Studios in Ottawa in 2023

Looking for the city's best yoga? Ottawa has way too many options, so start with these top spots.

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Do you know that in a 30-minute yoga session, you can burn up to 300 calories? Ottawa is one of the most significant hubs for this super-healthy practice. You can find so many different styles of Yoga here, and there is something for everyone. 

This guide will rank the city’s best studios that offer popular styles such as hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa, and kudalini. The criteria for this list encompasses several factors, such as the reputation of the yoga studio, training programs, the facilities and infrastructure, and the overall environment. The feedback and testimonials were also taken into account. We also visited these studios to examine their environment and facilities. 

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Elevate Yoga

Contact Info

298 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K2P1M3, Canada

Phone: +1613-237-7447
Email: hello@ Elevate Yoga.

What did we like about this studio?

Our experts found it to be one of the best yoga studios in Ottawa for the whole. The studio offers a diverse array of programs and facilities. These programs cater to people of different ages and of varying abilities. 

During our visit to the studio, we noticed that kids in their teens and tweens were practising yoga there. We were told that most of the kids join one of the yoga classes for improving flexibility, better balance, and enhancing focus. The studio offers around 17 classes, so there is something for everyone. 

Programmes and Facilities

  • Online classes 
  • Evolved Mobility: A program for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels, focusing on strength, technique, flexibility and pace.
  • Mind and Body Program: The main focus in this program is on meditation, breath and flexibility. It is also for beginners, intermediate and advanced level.
  • Elevate your Charity: The focus of this program is on strength, flexibility and stamina.
  • Weekend WarriorDetox + Flow: The focus of this program is on blood circulation, strength and flexibility. 
  • Yoga BlendYin (Stretch + Unwind)The focus is more on accessing connective tissues, breathing and alignment.  

Membership Packages

  • Day+Weekend pass: $115
  • Access Pass: $145
  • Summer Pass: $99
  • 1-month unlimited pass:$200
  • The Drop-Ins:
  • 1 class: $30
  • One virtual class:$15
  • Five classes:$120


  • The club has a friendly and welcoming vibe.
  • The yoga styles include handstands for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Very easy signup check-in process


  • None 
Astanga Yoga Ottawa

Contact Info

200 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1W8, Canada|

Phone: +161-3722-6860
Email: ashtanga ottawa@

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

This type of Yoga is based on the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya and his student K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India. This type of Yoga is a system of linking breath and movement in sequences of asanas. 

The three principles of Ashtanga yoga are: 

  1. Pranayama– These are breathing techniques which boost your oxygen levels. 
  2. Asana– These are seating and standing postures while you perform different postures. 
  3. Drishti– It refers to concentration. This aspect of Yoga rings mindfulness into Astanga and helps to improve self-awareness. 

Why do we like this studio?

The studio was founded by Janice DeFilippi, a long-time practitioner of Astanga who made many trips to Mysore, India. Other instructors include Michael Dynie, Donna Hughes, and Allison Tomotsugu, who have been practicing Yoga for years and are experts in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. You get some of the most expert instructors in the country if you join this studio. 

This studio offers classes for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced professionals. Students start with the fundamentals at their own pace. Instructors help them memorize sequences and movement patterns. They can progress according to their level and abilities.   

The studio offers diverse programs and facilities, including group classes and private sessions by qualified instructors. The studio is even accessible for people with busy schedules as they offer online and audio classes. 

The studio has an affordable and flexible fee structure with single classes, class packs, and annual memberships. In short, this studio offers a top-notch yoga experience for yoga athletes and enthusiasts.

Programs and Facilities

  • Group classes and regular sessions.
  • Private sessions by qualified instructors according to the provincial and local health guidelines.
  • Online and audio classes.  
  • The Vinyasa yoga teacher training program is designed to equip and teach yoga instructors all the skills and knowledge essential for this job.
  • Breathe the missing peace: It is a two-week breathing workshop for synchronizing the mind and body. These breathing exercises increase awareness and draw the mind into a creative and soul-searching state.

Fee structure

  • Single class: $18
  • 5 class pack: $75
  • 10 class pack: $150
  • 20 class pack: $280
  • 30 class pack: $400
  • One month unlimited: $135.60 
  • Annual fees: $1600
  • Breathe the missing peace (course): $90+hst


  • Great location.
  • Neat and clean environment.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable teaching staff.


  • Some reviewers complain that the place smells bad
  • Another online reviewer complained that they charged a higher price ($10) for a drop in class instead of the price that was mentioned on their website ($8) 
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Yoga Town Ottawa

Contact Info

300 Preston St, Ottawa, ON K1R 7R6, Canada

Phone: +1613-234-9642
Website :

What is Yin yoga?

Yin yoga is actually a slow-paced style of Yoga. Based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the practitioners have to hold specific postures or asanas for an extended time. The well-trained and advanced yoga practitioners can even stay in one posture for over five minutes. Yin yoga helps you to slow down, relax, reduce stress and restore energy.

What do we like about this studio?

Yogatown has three studios in Ottawa. Besides the one in Preston we visited, the other two studios are in Stittsville and Barrhaven. The owners, Tracy and Jason, started this studio in 2008 and helped hundreds of yogis find their OM. 

We visited all their three studios and noticed that these studios gave a very Western-world-female-centric vibe. Most of the members in Preston were young and energetic women, whereas Stittsville gave very middle-aged mom vibes. Barrhaven is somewhere in the middle of the two.

Yogatown uses a clean, environmentally friendly infrared heat to warm its yoga studio. Infrared heat can help detox the body, improve blood circulation, reduce pain and enhance immunity.  

The studio has some of the best facilities and programs, including well-equipped and spacious rooms and online classes. Their three-part wellness program resets the body’s natural healing capacity with enhancement of the body’s emotional control and ease of the nervous system. 

We talked to some of the members and noticed that Genevive Munro, Genevieve Ross, Jen Pakuts and Nora Zhang were the favourite instructors of most of the practitioners. 

Another good thing that we liked about this studio was the flexible and diversified schedule. Whether you want to do Yoga in the morning at 6 am or in the night at 8 pm, you will find a class at Yogatown. 

The fee structure is quite affordable. You can have a high-quality yoga experience without breaking the bank. 

Programs and Workshops

Some of the regular classes are:

  • Flow for Hips and Shoulders. 
  • Town Mix. 
  • Aroma Yin plus Saje Natural Wellness. 
  • Hip Opening Flow. 
  • Karma Flow
  • Flow Jam


Besides regular classes, the following are some of our favourite workshops: 

  • Yoga for Runners– 6 weeks series. 
  • Yoga for Tweens– (ages 10-13 years)
  • Yoga Foundations
  • Fall Equinox
  • Summer Solstice Celebration– This program encompasses a 90-minute yoga session in the bright sun rays.
  • Yoga Teacher Training– This course is specifically designed for all yoga instructors. They can become perfectionists by learning new techniques.


Fee structure

  • Trial membership: $65
  •  Single class: $30
  • Unlimited membership:$150
  • One year unlimited:$1500
  • 5 class card: $125
  • 10 class card: $210

A special 15% discount is available for students, seniors and the military.


  • Good, healthy, and hygienic environment.
  • The instructors do perform well.
  •  Consistency is followed on a regular basis.


  • None
Pure Yoga Ottawa

Contact Info

359 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K2P1×9, Canada

Phone: +1613-695-7873
Website :

What is a Yoga Retreat?

A yoga retreat involves withdrawal to focus on Yoga. You move to a different location with other yogis to practice Yoga along with other healthy activities. These retreats could be day-long or multiple-day trips where you meet and practice with other yogis. 

Why do we like this studio?

Pure Yoga regularly organizes several retreats to places like Costa Rica and Mexico. Even in Canada, they frequently organize workshops and retreats to the places offering scenic beauty. 

Another thing that we liked about their studio was the excellent teacher-training sessions

Their 25-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training is for experts who want to fine-tune their yoga skills and learn how to influence prana/chi through understanding the energetic meridian pathways of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Similarly, Pure Yoga’s 200-hour Teacher Training Course provides education into the art and science of Yoga. You can learn to develop Yoga into all aspects of your life while learning the skill to share Yoga with others. 

The studio not only provides private sessions for adults, but it also offers online classes. The good thing about the studio is its one membership card being valid across all three Pure Yoga studios. It’s a powerhouse for Power Yoga enthusiasts.


  • 25-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training
  • Breath Work Healing Circle 
  • Pure Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training 
  • Breath and Movement Mechanics  
  • Summer Series: Yoga at the gallery 

Membership packages

  • All In Pure Membership: $230 
  • One month Unlimited: $230 
  • Pure Membership: $230 
  • First Month Intro Pack: $230 


  • Yoga retreats. 
  • Excellent teacher training options. 
  • Very supportive community. 
  • Fun and engaging classes. Many of their members love the fact that music is played during yoga classes. 


  • Their online booking system could be better. Some of their members complained that they couldn’t book Friday Karma Class without giving a donation. 
  • Upon registering, you have to provide your visa details. They retain those details, and there is no option of deleting these details. Many members felt that it infringed their freedom. 
PranaShanti Yoga Studio Ottawa

Contact Info

PranaShanti Yoga Centre
950 Gladstone Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1Y 3E6

Phone: 613 761 9642

How to choose the best studio for the beginners?

When you look for a place to start practicing Yoga, you should choose a studio that aligns with your needs. Are you looking to improve strength and balance? Do you want to relieve stress and relax the mind? Do you want relief from back pain? Depending on your particular health goals, you should choose the type of Yoga and the studio where it can be practiced. 

Besides your health goals, you should also look for an environment that suits your personality. Are you looking for more spiritual vibes? Do you want to be in a studio where everyone wants to “work up a sweat to burn calories?” 

Another important factor that you should consider is the cost. Choose a studio that is affordable for beginners and offers drop-in classes. Last but not least, a yoga studio should focus on breathing and promote kindness towards yourself.   

What do we like about this studio?

When we look at the above-mentioned criteria, PranaShanti Yoga Studio stands out. The studio offers daily drop-in classes for the new yogis to try and test the waters before signing up for long courses. 

The studio offers an excellent foundational course. Even if you are new to Yoga, you can easily fit in. They have an Education Centre that provides training and education on Yoga. You can access all the resources to make the best out of our yoga practice. 


The studio offers a variety of membership packages. You can easily find something that suits your budget. Even the class schedule is quite flexible. Depending on your work routine, choose a class schedule that is convenient. 

Another great thing about this yoga studio is that it offers the most varied styles of Yoga. Whether it is Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, or Vinyasa, you can find patrons to help you practice it. 

Programs and Facilities

  • Kundalini sessions (In-person and online)
  • Gentle Flow sessions (In-person and online)
  • Hip opening Flow sessions ( In-person and online)
  • Gentle Hatha sessions
  • Soma Yoga sessions
  • Yang yin sessions

Membership Packages

  • Virtual class—$16.95
  • In Person class—$33
  • 10 class package—$240
  • 20 class package—$385


  • Highly competent and dedicated staff.
  • It is a very positive and encouraging environment for the beginners.
  • The studio has all the required props for Yoga.
  • Neat and clean space
  • In-person and online classes are available. 
  • Very affordable classes


  • None
MichaelDynie Yoga

Contact Info

What did we like about his classes?

MichaelDynie Yoga stands out as one of the best destinations for virtual yoga classes. Our experts found that the virtual yoga classes are a great experience for practitioners of all levels. The virtual classes are easily accessible and convenient for all the people, and this thing sets this studio apart from all the other studios. 

You can even practise Yoga in real time with live-streamed sessions. The live-streamed sessions are a great medium for staying in practice and staying connected to your community. Even if your schedule is tight, you will never miss any of the classes just because the catchup videos are always available. 

The studio offers a variety of courses for people with diverse preferences. The courses include Patanjali’s sutras and hatha Yoga; MichaelDynie Yoga has it all. Plus, their affordable monthly unlimited package makes this virtual yoga studio not just the best but also the most accessible choice for your yoga journey. Join today and experience the transformation from the comfort of your own space.

Programs and Facilities

  • Painless back bending and the science of stretching
  • Floating Vinyasa
  • Growing a lotus for open, healthy hips
  • Intermediate backbends
  • Pranayama. It is a 4 part course for core strengthening and breathing
  • A course on Yoga beyond the basics
  • An introduction to Patanjali yoga, sutras and hatha Yoga.
  • Sequencing course on energetics, anatomy and progressions.

Membership Packages

  • Monthly unlimited package– $30
  • Gift card for friends–$0
  • Visit the website for further info


  • The members can easily avail of the option of live-streaming
  • Youtube videos are also available
  • The videos of all the classes are categorized so the members can easily enjoy the online classes


  • None
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The Best Value for Money

If you are on a budget, check out the following two studios, which offer excellent facilities at affordable rates. 

Movati Athletic

Contact Info

19 Frank Nighbor Pl, Ottawa, ON K2V 0B2, Canada

Phone: +16138327700

Why do we like this studio?

You can enrol only for $26. This includes a Game Plan Session, Group Personal Training session, a Mobility Demonstration session, and a Machine Orientation session. The membership fee for 2 weeks is only slightly more expensive than the cost of 1 drop-in class at a yoga. Movati Athletic has full-time gym facilities. The studio offers affordable classes throughout the season for all age groups.

It offers a wide variety of workshops and conducts teacher training programs. The pragmatic approach of the yoga instructors makes it a tremendous studio. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful for yoga practitioners. 

There is a specialized temperature-controlled Hot Yoga Studio for detoxification. One entire section of the studio is dedicated to women’s fitness. Movati Athletic is indeed the best choice in Ottawa that offers very affordable rates for hot Yoga and overall fitness.

Facilities and Programs

  • Yoga

The yoga classes include meditation, sweat and surrender, yin, power and flow.

  • Cycle
  • Aqua
  • Studio classes

Membership Packages

  • Enrollment Fees: $0 for a limited time span
  • The complimentary services with the enrollment include a game plan session for the development of athletes.
  • A personal training session
  • Mobility demonstration session


  • A wide range of classes
  • Authentic approach of the studio instructors
  • An entire fitness area is dedicated to women in the club.


  • None
Soul Speak Yoga Studio

Contact Info

1179 Bank Street, Ottawa ON

Phone: 613-216-1494  

What do we like this studio?

What sets this studio apart is its affordability as compared to other yoga studios in Ottawa. Erin’s classes are always challenging as well as fulfilling for all the practitioners. The studio’s complimentary amenities, including towels, water, and tea, add to its value.  

Furthermore, its central location makes it convenient for residents. With a diverse range of classes encompassing slow, fast, spiritual, and exercise-focused sessions, Soul Speak accommodates all preferences.

Some of the programs are signature programs which are beneficial for spiritual and physical well-being. There’s a class for every mood and goal.

Membership packages start at just $37.97. You can easily get access to online and live-streamed classes, making it not only affordable but also accessible. Soul Speak Yoga Studio undoubtedly stands as a fantastic choice, especially for those starting their yoga journey or looking for an economical option that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Facilities and Programs

  • Soul Flow

The class focuses on stretch, strength and balance. It proves to be really very beneficial for the physical and spiritual aspects of the being.

  • Soul Power

This class focuses on a series of powerful yoga flows and peak postures which strengthen and tone the body. This program will energize your mind, and you will feel restored.

  • Soul Yin

In this program, the postures are held for extended time periods for relaxation.

  • Soul Blend
  • Soul Work
  • Pulse+ Flow
  • Box+ Flow
  • Teacher Training Programs

Membership Packages

  • Unlimited access to online classes live streaming of the classes. The option of 100+ classes just for —$37.97


  • It is very affordable and offers the best value for money.
  • Very competent and encouraging teachers


  • None


Health is wealth. Aerobic exercises, specifically Yoga, are very important for the health of people, particularly athletes. It boosts their physical, psychological and emotional health. It rejuvenates their spiritual health. We have discussed the best yoga centers for athletes in Ottawa, so guys, do not waste your time. Hustle up and get your slot booked now.


Regular practice of yoga makes your body stronger and more flexible. Your posture will also improve. It also improves your focus and your ability to stay calm and maintain a relaxed breathing. 

It is a misunderstanding that you have to be flexible and strong. Your yoga instructors work on different levels including the body, the breath, the mind and the spirit. 

You can bring a water bottle, a towel and a yoga mat. 

The most complex and hardest style in Yoga is Ashtanga. A lot of patience and discipline is required to perform this style of Yoga. 

The six different branches of Yoga have their own breathing exercises and poses. The six branches include Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, Pranayama, Raja and Satya. There are different sets of characteristics and exercises associated with each branch which relax the mind and body.