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Ottawa physiotherapy services are available to help relieve pain, improve mobility, boost functionality, boost health, and reduce the need for pain medications.

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Kent Chiro-Med Chiropractic & Physiotherapy specializes in creating custom orthotics sports physiotherapy, neck pain physio, physiotherapy for lower back pain, back pain physio, pelvis physiotherapy, and physiotherapy for shoulder pain.

Kent Chiro-Med Chiropractic & Physiotherapy is located in downtown Ottawa. We treat everyone including students, seniors and athletes. 

We treat TMJ, rehabilitation, injuries, concussion, pain, sports, neurological issues, sports injuries, neck, back pain, injuries, physio, shoulder pain, general pain, sports optimization.

Meet Our Team

Dr Maryam Hassanzadeh portrait Kent Chiro Med Wellness Clinic

Dr. Maryam Hassanzadeh

a.ka Mama Bear

Dr.Maryam Hassanzadeh is known for being friendly, personal and remembering her patients’ names. She goes above and beyond

She works well with older patients and patients with chronic issues.

Dr Ramy Raphael portrait Kent Chiro Med Wellness Clinic

Dr. Ramy Raphael

a.k.a Hipster Artiste

Dr. Raphael is known to make patients feel at ease, to pay particular attention to details during his treatments, to conduct thorough investigations, to find lasting solutions, and to create individualized treatment plans for each patient.  

Dr. Raphael’s philosophy is to win the hearts of his patients.

Ghaith Dhaidan portrait Kent Chiro Med Wellness Clinic

Ghaith Dhaidan

a.k.a Army Boot Camp

As a graduate from the Masters of Science in Physical Therapy program at the University of Toronto, I work with my clients to improve mobility, restore function, relieve pain, and prevent injury. Implementing my knowledge with previously gained experience and qualifications allows me to provide a holistic approach to enhancing your quality of life.

Dr. Courtney Broadhurst, D.C

Dr. Courtney Broadhurst

a.k.a Sporty Spice

Dr. Broadhurst is a genuinely kind and compassionate individual who always puts the needs of her patients first.

She focuses on identifying and understanding the root cause of her patients’ issues in order to deliver them with the best possible care.

Ali Khanafer

Ali Khanafer

Physiotherapy Department
a.k.a High on Life

If you see patients entering the halfway with an aura of feeling relaxed, then you can guess that they have just seen me in room 15. What a coincidence; my lucky number is 15.

After completing a Bachelor Degree in Physical Therapy in Lebanon, my passion for helping others led me to complete a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree. This journey was followed by more than 7 years of experience treating patients having mild to severe injuries.

Donna Curtin portrait green


Office Manager

Born in Vancouver, Donna moved to Ottawa to establish her family. I am a mother of two wonderful kids: my daughter Abra-Lyne (33 years old) and my son Emery-John (13 years old). So yes, I am that old… I have two wonderful grandchildren; a girl aged 6 and a boy aged 2 years old. I also have two pets: a dog (Channel; she is a Havanese and is 9 years old) and a tabby cat (Mick; he is 10 years old). I enjoy spending time taking walks with my son and my fur baby Channel. I am an avid horror and mystery novel reader and love a good scary movie.


Administrative Assistant

I am the resource person that welcomes you to the clinic (when you visit), schedules your appointments, speaks to you when you call the clinic, responds to your emails, handles payments, and follows up on you to ensure you meet up with your appointment.

As your first contact point in the clinic, I help to ensure that you have a seamless, awesome experience.

Meet Our Physiotherapy Team

Each physiotherapy team member brings a unique skill to the table.
We invite you to read their biographies to see who is the right fit for you. 


Ghaith Dhaidan ​

Physiotherapy Department

Leyla Sefiddashti

Physio Treatments

You can benefit from:

Can You Benefit from Physiotherapy?

Our registered Physiotherapy Ottawa services help improve a patient’s physical function. We help through physical examination, diagnosis, physical intervention, rehabilitation and patient education services. Click here to know why you should seek treatment for your head, neck or jaw.

Ottawa Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist: Our Physical Therapy Approach

Our Registered Physiotherapists in Ottawa utilize various therapy techniques, and exercise taking a comprehensive approach to enhancing your overall body health and well-being. We will help get you back to your normal life by removing your pain and improving your function. We work with you and other medical practitioners to ensure holistic care and to help you reach your wellness goals

Physical Therapy Approach
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Ottawa Therapists Physiotherapy Treatments

15+ physiotherapy treatments to choose from

Ottawa Physiotherapy Modalities for pain and healing (Ultra sound, IFS, Tens)
Modalities for pain and healing (Ultra sound, IFS, Tens)

Cost for Physio Ottawa

  • Initial Examination
    Includes treatment
    (60 minutes)
  • Subsequent Treatments $95
    (30 minutes)

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