Crippled with spinal stenosis, this pleasant senior patient (who does not speak English) was bedridden for many years, barely walking few steps without debilitating pain. She was hunched over and relied on her cane for support. After assessing the severity of her spinal stenosis, Dr. Maryam (chiropractor) decided that it was best that she does not receive spinal manipulation because it can potentially aggravate her condition.

Instead, the doctor put the patient on a limited trial of motorized traction therapy, flexion-distraction mobilization, soft tissue therapy, hyperthermy and T.E.N.S machine. She also prescribed physiotherapy with the help of her co-worker Ghaith. Within few sessions, she was able to ditch the cane and walk more upright without pain!! She is currently seeking preventative regular care with Dr. Maryam and Ghaith in order for her to enjoy her life and experience a painless aging process.

Spinal Stenosis is a condition where the spinal nerve roots in the lower back become compressed producing symptoms of sciatica, tingling, weakness or numbness that radiate from the low back and into the buttocks and legs—especially with activity.