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10 Best Volleyball Courts in Ottawa: A Guide For Fans

Serve, set, smash, and flaunt that Top Gun–worthy physique at one of the best volleyball courts in Ottawa.

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Did you know that playing volleyball for 30 minutes can burn around 178 calories? The game promotes strength and endurance, maintains balance, and increases the coordination between hands, feet, eyes, and body. Ottawa offers a vast range of public volleyball courts, both beach and outdoor, and has no shortage of professionally run volleyball leagues for all experience levels. We have compiled a list of the best volleyball courts, classes, camps, clubs, and leagues in and around Ottawa so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Let’s dive in. 

The Best Public Volleyball Courts in Ottawa

If you are on a budget, go to one of the following free public volleyball courts. 

Britannia Beach Volleyball Courts

Contact Info

2805 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K2B 6Z9, Canada

Volleyball enthusiasts love Britannia Beach volleyball courts in Ottawa. As these courts are along the shores of the Ottawa River, this public beach offers a thrilling experience to beach volleyball enthusiasts. The clean sand and sunset are ideal backdrops for spirited matches with friends. You can bring your net or rent a net onsite. Volleyball net rentals are available for $19 per hour or $60 per day. Book the court beforehand if you want to play with friends. 

What did we like about this court?

  • Several outdoor volleyball courts are available.
  • Features BBQ areas and benches for relaxation.
  • Includes a play area for kids 
  • Clean and hygienic beach for sunbathing and swimming.
  • Pet-friendly beach
  • Accessible car parking
Springhurst Park Volleyball Court

Contact Info

Springhurst Park, 24 Brunswick St, Ottawa, ON K1S, Canada

The courts are situated along the serene Rideau River and offer a welcoming, family-friendly environment for sports lovers, specifically volleyball enthusiasts. Beyond sports, Springhurst Park has an accessible playground and a trail for walking along the riverfront. The park also offers sports equipment for everyone’s enjoyment. The place has many amenities like a beach volleyball court, basketball court, and ping pong table. This place is a must-visit for the volleyball enthusiasts and active families.

What did we like about this court?

  • Family-friendly and welcoming for all ages
  • The place has many sports opportunities with basketball courts, green areas for soccer and football, and much more.
  • Spacious parks for walks on summer evenings
Experimental Farm Beach Volleyball Court

Contact Info

McCooey Ln, Ottawa, ON K1Z, Canada

Experience the thrill of beach volleyball right here at Experimental Farm Beach. The place has courts that are specifically reserved for league nights on weekdays. On weekends, the courts are open to the public. The pristine sand courts are perfect for volleyball at all levels. This place is ideal for soaking up the beach volleyball vibes along with the beautiful scenic views. 

What did we like about this court?

  • Dog-friendly place.
  • Sand courts for volleyball, surrounded by lush grassy areas.
  • Easily accessible by walking or cycling from Central Park. 
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Mooney Bay Beach Volleyball Court

Contact Info

2960 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON K1V 8N4, Canada

Mooney’s Bay Park and Beach offers a variety of sun-soaked outdoor adventures, with its crown jewel being the expansive beach volleyball facilities. This park offers a versatile blend of recreational activities, a picturesque setting, and a vibrant community of volleyball enthusiasts. 

During rush hours and on weekends, finding a parking spot can be a significant challenge. Visitors should plan accordingly and arrive early, carpool, or explore alternative transportation options.  

What did we like about this court?

  • There are around 10 to 15 volleyball courts in this facility. This abundance of courts ensures that both seasoned players and casual beach volleyball lovers have ample space to enjoy their favourite sport.
  • Whether you’re a solo player looking for a game or part of a group, you’ll find like-minded individuals eager to enjoy a game and make new friends.
  • You can play a variety of games here. This makes it an ideal spot for families to spend a great time together. There are two play areas for children with various rides and swings. 
  • The place is pet-friendly. You can see several people enjoying outdoor activities with their furry companions. 
  • Mooney’s Bay offers designated picnic areas with nearby BBQ options. It’s perfect for a relaxed day out with friends and family, complete with delicious grilled food.
  • The park hosts a variety of events, including beach volleyball tournaments and the renowned Dragon Boat Festival. These events add a vibrant touch to the park’s atmosphere, offering visitors even more reasons to return.


Ottawa Volleyball Leagues 

Besides these public volleyball courts, there are several Ottawa volleyball leagues where you can play professional or recreational games. 

Ottawa Sports and Social Club

Contact Info

1 Donald St, Ottawa, ON K1K 4E6, Canada

This club offers a diverse array of sports, leagues, tournaments, classes, and social events. It is a playground for grown-ups where the motto is simple: “Just play!” Let’s explore what makes the Ottawa Sports and Social Club your best bet for recreational volleyball and more. The club fosters an environment that is accessible, supportive, and fun. Whether you are an experienced athlete or just looking to try something new, OSSC can help you connect with like-minded people


  • The club offers a diverse range of sports leagues throughout the year. Besides volleyball, you can choose to play 13 more sports and connect with like-minded people. 
  • The club helps you choose and connect with the people according to your skill level and interest, ensuring you get the thrill of the competition. 
  • The club offers classes according to your proficiency level. 
  • You can participate in one-day events. These events provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills, challenge yourself, and immerse yourself in the vibrant Sport & Social Club community. 
  • Membership opens the door to exclusive discounts, savings, and offers from partner businesses that share OSSC’s passion for sports and community.
  • OSSC’s dedicated team is committed to delivering a seamless and enjoyable experience for all members.


  • Some members are of the opinion that the club is over-priced. 
  • A frequent complaint that appears in online reviews is that sometimes, the referee failed to arrive before the match began.  
Rideau Sports Centre

Contact Info

1 Donald St, Ottawa, ON K1K 4E6, Canada

Phone number: +1 613-749-6126 

Rideau Sports Centre is one of the best sports complexes in Ottawa for families who have a passion for volleyball. It is a one-stop destination for a wide range of sporting activities, with a special focus on volleyball. Whether you’re into indoor or beach volleyball, Rideau Sports Centre has all the facilities for playing volleyball. The club also offers drop-in programs for volleyball enthusiasts. 

This sports complex provides a platform to meet like-minded people of varying skill levels. The people can easily choose the session according to their comfort level. The place offers a welcoming atmosphere, making it a perfect place to bond and enjoy the sport together. Plus, the center’s accessible, no-membership-required policy ensures that volleyball-loving families can dive into the action without any barriers.

Membership Fees

Rent a court at $24/hour. The court can also be booked online.


  • Rideau Sports Centre has three outdoor courts for beach volleyball.
  • The volleyball courts are by the shores of Rideau River. 
  • The additional benefit is that the players can book the court at any time. No membership is required.
  • Drop-in classes are also available on Saturdays. 
  • The sports complex offers facilities for volleyball, tennis, and hockey for all age groups.
  • You can enjoy a meal at an onsite restaurant as well.


  • Some of the users complain that the parking is always full. There should be more room for parking.

Max Volley Inc

Contact Info

813 Shefford Rd, Gloucester, ON K1J 8H9, Canada

Phone number: +1 613-794-0003

If you are looking for an ultimate destination for volleyball enthusiasts at affordable rates without compromising on the fun and quality of the game, then Max Volley Inc. is the most affordable option in Ottawa. The club offers a range of super fun volleyball leagues for all skill levels. The well-organized systems and top-notch courts provide an exceptional experience for players. If you want a thrilling volleyball game at an affordable rate, then do visit Max Volley Inc.

Membership Fees

Peak hours: Mon-Fri 5-9 pm, weekends, holidays

$28 per hour/court

Day fee: $100 per court
Off-peak hours: $18 per hour/court
Day fee: $70 per court


  • The court provides the additional feature of social events. The players can enjoy the onsite BBQ with music.
  • Affordable and recreational volleyball leagues.
  • Friendly and competitive environment.
  • Well-trained and cooperative staff.
  • Multiple programs for different levels


  • None
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Hope Volleyball Summerfest

Contact Info

2197 Riverside Dr. #111, Ottawa, ON K1H 7X3, Canada

Phone number: +1 613-237-1433

Hope Volleyball Summerfest stands out as the best not-for-profit organization. It is purely dedicated to hosting massive volleyball matches for a charitable cause. The motto of this organization is “Helping Other People Everywhere.” This non-profit organization raises funds for local Ottawa charities

Over the years, the organization has contributed approximately $4.5 million to support more than 200 charities and their vital programs. The annual volleyball event is not just about sports, but it is a delightful mix of great volleyball games, sun, sand, food, and entertainment. The annual volleyball event is actually a union of the participants, volunteers, sponsors, and the community to create a lasting impact, making it the premier not-for-profit choice for monumental charity volleyball matches.

Tickets Price

Concert/ Spectator: Free to $23

Team registration is $500 and above

Kids in the age group 9 and under will get free entrance if a ticket-holding adult accompanies them.


  • Hope Volleyball Summerfest is the largest entertainment festival and one-day volleyball tournament in the whole world.
  • Each year, the organization helps almost 5 to 7 charities with the funds generated from Summerfest.
  • There is a specialized vendor village organized for the spectators in the Summerfest. They get a chance to win prizes.
  • Summerfest provides a platform to almost 10,000 players. These players participate in almost 1,000 teams with four divisions each. The players get a chance to play on 80 courts with almost 162 volleys.


  • Limited or paid-only parking.
  • The organization is not responsible for the parking tickets or the parking violations.
Volleyball Canada

Contact Info

1084 Kenaston St #1A, Ottawa, ON K1B 3P5, Canada

Phone number: +1 613-748-5681

Volleyball Canada is the destination for youth who are into the world of volleyball. The organization has a comprehensive list of programs and events specifically for the youth. Volleyball Canada provides a platform for aspiring young athletes to showcase their talent and passion for the game. Volleyball Canada is dedicated to nurturing talent from a young age. 

The elementary, community, and excellence programs instill skill development, teamwork, and leadership through fun-filled activities and rewarding gameplay experiences. Volleyball Canada ensures that the youth not only enjoys the sport but also grows into outstanding athletes, both on and off the court. 


  • The parking is close by and free. 
  • The crowd and the people are usually quite friendly and readily take turns to play. 
  • Age-appropriate volleyball training programs. 


  • None

Contact Info

166 Annapolis Cir, Ottawa, ON K1V 1Z2, Canada

Phone number: +1 613-293-1381

SportsCan is the best place for athlete development, with a special focus on volleyball. This place offers a solution for all the individuals seeking to excel in sports, from Active Start to Active for Life. 

The institute has a volleyball academy polishing the skills of high-performance athletes. The expert coaches and specialized instructors help the players in achieving new heights. They also create a friendly and motivating environment that welcomes athletes of all expertise levels. If you are interested in athlete development, then SportsCan is the ultimate choice, offering comprehensive programs catering to everyone.


  • The longest-running summer program is designed to take your game to the next level.
  • Expert coaching and specialized instructions.
  • Secure your spot and register today for this exceptional opportunity to enhance your volleyball performance.
  • Top-notch trainers and coaching staff.
  • Friendly and motivating environment.
  • Programs for all family members with different levels of expertise.


  • None


Ottawa has some of the best volleyball courts. The above-mentioned eight volleyball courts stand out as the premier destinations for enthusiasts of the sport. Whether you’re seeking pristine beaches, top-notch training academies, or community-driven initiatives, Ottawa has it all. From scenic Riverside Drive to the lively Britannia Beach, these courts offer something for every volleyball lover. So grab your gear, gather your friends, and hit the courts for an unforgettable volleyball experience in Ottawa!


Each team has six players on the court at one time. Three players are in the front row, and three players are in the back row. 

The total number of players in a volleyball team is 12. The six players are on the court, and six substitutes are there on the bench. Each team can have two liberos; these are the specialized players for defence. They have a separate uniform from the rest of the team.

The players must return the ball in less than three hits. According to the game rules, the players can contact the ball with their body parts, but the ball should rebound immediately. The ball should not be forcefully kicked. 

“Out of bounds” in volleyball refers to that point when the ball touches any surface, object, or ground outside the court.

A team requires 25 points to win a set in volleyball. The winning team must also have a lead of two points. For example, if one of the teams has 25 points and the opponent team has 24 points, they need to play another set until and unless one of the teams has a two-point lead. The overall match winner is decided upon the total score.  

There are two timeouts in volleyball. Each team can have two timeouts per set with a time duration of 30 seconds.

The illegal touch in volleyball could be:

  • Slapping the ball
  • Bumping the ball with two separate hands (hands must be together to hit the ball.)
  • Carrying the ball
  • Palming and directing the ball