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Ramy Raphael


If you hear giggles and laughter coming out from room 16, you know I am working today in the clinic. That’s because, while I am providing chiropractic care, I am busy practicing my jokes and inspiring my patients to be the best version of themselves.

I take pride in knowing that I aspire to foster a doctor-patient relationship based on professionalism, respect, and compassion and that is nurtured within an atmosphere that is relaxed, casual, and stress-free. I genuinely am interested in getting to know you both as a human being and a patient. I believe you are much more than just a physical body that is suffering. You also have your own personality and way of doing things. I am sure you also have specific health goals that are important to you. Therefore, I wanted to be a chiropractor who is easily accessible and reached out to my patients.

My goal is to make every patient of mine arrive at the clinic smiling and leave smiling even more. Whether it’s a regular patient or a patient who is nervous experiencing his or her first chiropractic experience, everyone will have a chance to be heard, to be themselves and to experience how chiropractic care, as simple as it is, is very powerful and monumental in improving muscles, joints and nerve pain using just the power of the hands and intricate knowledge of the human body.