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It’s a great experience to feel like your “old self” after 10 years. My issues was the following. I am sure many can relate as well. I started gaining weight gradually as I got into chiropractic school due to my difficulty squeezing in time for myself to eat well and stay active. Exams, studying, laboratories, research projects, and a thriving need to do very well to pass took a toll on my body. As the years went by, I noticed I started to increasingly gain more weight. I kept buying larger clothes to hide this body that I did not like and find an excuse to live with it. As I reached the age of 37, I noticed that my body reacts slower in my practice and I am getting tired faster and more easily during my care. I kept blaming myself because I am so young to have all of these issues . Then, I looked at my sons and I looked at my patients. If I kept doing that, I wouldn’t be physically in good shape to help them! I have to keep myself healthy for my patients and my family to be able to be around and help them.

It was not until the month of January 2016 that things really started to hit me. That’s it. I decided to lose weight. I have always been thinking of this decision before, but I always keep postponing it and quitting very quickly. I would go on a diet for few days, and then I would give up. This time it was different. I decided that maybe doing this journey on my own wouldn’t be possible. Maybe having a professional teach me and motivate me to get healthier would be the choice for me. I mean why not? We all need professional  guidance in different matters during our journey in life. And so it begun. I hired a trainer.

The trained helped me by telling me that I shouldn’t focus only on my weight loss, but rather on changing my lifestyle. I had to forge a new routine. I kept working so hard, resisting junk food, late dinner, skipping meals, and sticking to the workout plan. In the last 9 months, I can proudly say that I lost 30 pounds with a regular guided workout plan and improvements of my eating habits.

Believe me when I say it. I don’t crave any more hamburgers or that high caloric fat steak. I feel great. I sleep better. I am able to treat more patients. I am able to become more active with my own kids. They’re happy to have their mom back, playing actively with them, rather than a tired person just watching them play. I am writing this blog because I want to let you know that you can do it. You can stay active. You can lose the weight. You can start eating healthy. If you cannot do it on your own or don’t have the discipline or the inner strength, then hire someone to motivate you to do it. It’s a lifestyle change. It should start now. Stop making excuses.

Dr. Dr. Maryam Hassanzadeh