Preventative Care can be provided by all of our practitioners. The primary goal of this phase is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of illnesses and sports/work-related strain.

All practitioners who specialize in musculoskeletal system understand that not all pain resolve completely – especially if the early injury was chronic, severe and debilitating to start with. A few musculoskeletal conditions are notoriously known to reoccur when exposed to environmental stress such the physical demands of your job, sitting or standing for too long, or the gradual increase in athletic performance.

By coming to your monthly treatment with your manual therapist (chiropractor/physiotherapist), you are receiving a lot of benefits:

  • You ensure that the pain does not get come back or worsen.
  • By investing in preventive care, you are at no or low-risk of paying more for your treatments if you discontinue care for a long time and notice one day that your pain came back again.
  • You benefit from your practitioner’s advice of how to integrate more activities into your sedentary lifestyle.
  • You benefit from our month’s special (available only for regular patients).