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phase2back MAINMENU phase4Physiotherapy is primarily concerned with responding to muscular and joint pain through rehabilitative exercises and the use of massage and stretching, which may be combined with other processes, such as ultrasound, inferential current, TENS, heat, and acupuncture. Soft tissue problems are also an area in which physiotherapists tend to specialize.

Physiotherapists are often called upon to help patients recover their mobility after being treated for their injuries with a chiropractor. They assist chiropractors in controlling their patients’ pain by stabilizing the area of concern.

At the end of each treatment plan, a progress report from the physiotherapist will be communicated to the chiropractor to enable him to understand how you are doing under his care. Therefore, when you are present at your monthly maintenance care with your chiropractor, he or she will be able to adjust his chiro treatment Ottawa accordingly.