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(FULL VIDEO) INTENSE Chiropractic Back Treatment for Athletes

This athlete (and very hilarious!) patient of chiropractor Dr. Raphael is a construction worker who comes once a month for his treatment as he is at higher risk of developing spinal joints irritation due to repetitive heavy physical work demands on his body. He never sought chiropractic before, but now he regularly comes to address deep soft tissue work to reduce muscle tension and chiropractic spinal adjustments to improve his ranges of motion. His chiropractic sessions allow him to perform better at work and to reach his optimal athletic performances at the gym.

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Shoulder exercises

Is a chiropractor or physiotherapist better? 

Discover whether a chiropractor or physiotherapist is right for you. Explore the specialized musculoskeletal care of chiropractors, focusing on spine-related issues, and the comprehensive physical therapy offered by physiotherapists. Find the best fit for your health goals.

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